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Astrology is a vast subject in its own with many branches. This ancient science has various topics to discuss and thus articles given in this section are all based on such various studies and experiences.
Numerology deals with study of numbers and individual character and his life. It is viewed as a widespread language of numbers. Numerology is the possibility that the universe is a framework and once separated we are left with the fundamental components, which is numbers.

Lal Kitab
Lal Kitab has its various transformations. Basically it is well known due to its simple methodology which anyone can easily understand, and easy to perform remedies and upaas. In this section, articles related to Lal Kitab will help you explore many such features.

Articles related to various Festivals in India and around the world can be found here in this section of Festivals. Celebration, importance, significance, areas of celebration and much more.

Various remedies are performed as per Planet position and other factors of horoscope, which decreases the negativity and increases the positive aspects of success. Articles in this category are showing such remedies.

Love and Marriage
Love, Relationships, Marriage and various things about married life, all such topics can be found in this category of articles.