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Kundli Milaan
Kundli Milaan
Kundli Milaan

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Main Features
☆ Special MALE / FEMALE option
☆ Group Matching / Composite Match feature allows professional astrologers
☆ Guna Dosh Milaan / Ashtkoot Milaan/ Manglik Dosha


A complete Match Making solution, for personal use or commercial use, astkoot milaan, guna milaan, astkoot phal, manglik vichar, manglik dosha, predictions, various match making study tools, group study. With a superv design and easy to use tools and interface, it is best for individuals, astrologers, marriage buraue and other marriage services which have huge database of girl/boy for match making in groups and individual match.
Language: Hindi & English
Charts: North / South/ Bangla

 Worried about Life Partner?

Thinking of a Marriage ? or Getting Re-Married ?

Still thinking about life with your Partner?

If he / she would be comfortable with you?

an answer to all your such problems :-

KUNDLI MILAAN... match making

- Love Life
- Inclination
- Harmony
- fortune with partner
- Attachment with him/her
- Co-operation
- Relationship with him/her
- hapiness in your life
- Stability
+ more

 easy to use..
user friendly..
nice presentation..
Just fill the birth data of your partner with yours...

- Askhtkoot prediction, gives a detailed description / prediction of  various aspects of life and helps you selecting the best partner who will be there for you...the whole life ! 

- As you know Kundli Milaan is based on ancient Indian astrological calculations for Matching partners and predicting their life. It has been used over years and years...
Now.. this product gives you all the tools and detailed phaladesh, predictions & reports to know your perfect Match for life.
You just have to enter the birth data (Date of Birth, Time of Birth, Place of Birth) of your partner and yours, and you will get all what you want to know.

 What is so special in Kundli Milaan ?

- Any person can use this software and get the Guna Dosh Milaan / Ashtkoot Milaan/ Manglik Dosha and other reports yourself... so no need to rush for Panditjis and others every time to know about the Match for your daughter / son or any other individual.

Just do it yourself !

- Very helpful at the time of marriages / selecting your life partner.

- Boys / Girls can find themselves if their boy/girl friend would stay with them... or their match... co-operation..understanding with each other..etc.

- You can use it to know your Match right from the home without making it public.

- Now with a new feature added.. Group Matching.. which you would rarely find in other softwares of match making. This allows you to match with a whole group of 5-10 or any no of persons.. easily, to let you select your right partner.

- Group Matching / Composite Match feature allows professional astrologers / marriage bureau to easily find a perfect match from a huge database of Male / Female birth data.

-Special MALE / FEMALE option - it is not compulsory to match only MALE/FEMALE... you can even match with your friends and know about them and your life with them... 
will they stand for your problems...? 
are they comfortable with you?
for this male/female can be selected on either side.. so no need to worry.

- Various tools / reports for finding a perfect match. 

So why Take RISK ? 
 in LIFE...



- Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista, 7, 8, 10 (32 & 64 bit)
- Minimum 512 MB RAM
- 200MB Disk Space

Contents: 1 Software CD / Download