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Vastu remedies for toilet

Last Updated : 4/21/2023 12:31:25 PM     Posted by : Archana

According to Vastu Shastra, the toilet is considered a negative space, and its location and direction can have an impact on the well-being and prosperity of the occupants of a building. If the toilet is located in the wrong direction or has negative energies, it can lead to financial problems, health issues, and relationship problems. Here are some Vastu remedies for a toilet:

  1. Location: The ideal location for a toilet is in the south-west corner of the building. If the toilet is located in any other direction, it can lead to Vastu dosh. If it is not possible to relocate the toilet, you can install a Vastu dosh nivaran yantra in the toilet to reduce its negative effects.

  2. Direction: The toilet seat should be in the north-south direction. If the toilet seat is in any other direction, it can lead to Vastu dosh. The remedy for this is to reposition the toilet seat to face the north-south direction.

  3. Colors: The colors used in the toilet can also have an impact on its Vastu. The toilet should be painted in light colors like white, light blue, or light pink. Dark colors like black, grey, or dark blue should be avoided. These colors can have a negative impact on the Vastu of the toilet.

  4. Ventilation: Proper ventilation is crucial in a toilet to maintain its Vastu. The toilet should have a window or an exhaust fan to ensure that the air circulation is good. Poor ventilation can lead to negative energy accumulation in the toilet.

  5. Cleanliness: Keeping the toilet clean and hygienic is essential for its Vastu. Regular cleaning and maintenance can ensure that the negative energy in the toilet is reduced.

In conclusion, the toilet is a crucial space in a building, and its Vastu should be taken seriously to ensure the well-being and prosperity of the occupants. By following the Vastu remedies mentioned above, you can reduce the negative effects of the toilet and create a space that is conducive to health, happiness, and prosperity.