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Married life and career
Created On : Feb 07, 2023 by Ankit Koirala
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Date of birth 1991 April 1 

time of birth 12:45 am

Place of Birth Biratnagar Nepal

I got married and got divorce last year so i would want to know which is right time to marry and i also wanted to know what type of work should i perform and bring better side in my carrer level

Are these Astrology and Horoscope Sites are Legit?
Created On : May 05, 2021 by Praveen
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Hello, ii just searched on the web about best resources for astrology and horoscope and complied these place, what do you think abbout them please let me know.

Free Astrology Horoscope 

Kundli maching
Created On : Dec 15, 2020 by Atul
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यदि लडके और लडकी की कुंड़ली मिलान में योनी में 1 अंक, गुण मैत्री में 1/2अंक तथा भकूट में शून्य अंक प्राप्त हो और बांकी में पूरे अंक प्राप्त हो तो विवाह योग्य स्थिती है अथवा नहीं।