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Support Team
Created On : Feb 12, 2024 by Sunil Kaushik
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Need to work on the Support team as they are not reachable for a long time. The product was purchased 3 days back still waiting for them to resolve my query.

Activation Please
Created On : Oct 07, 2023 by Raj Vadlamannati
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Details Submitted:
RAJ VADLAMANNATI SMAH-QJML-HKGG-EADL 74 Finch Parade, Rochedale Brisbane - 4123 QLD, Australia 61-421332555 [email protected]   

Kundli for Windows And Kundli 7 Pro
Created On : Jul 15, 2023 by Avinash Rai
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wanted to undertand what is the difference between Kundli for Windows 5.5 pro And Kundli 7 Pro ?

is both are different or 7 pro is the advance verson of 5.5 pro ?

can I get the comparision

Software Installation
Created On : Nov 02, 2022 by Dharmendra Rastogi
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Kindly install software in my system . other wise i will take a action against to you Mr. Ravi . i am as a lawyer.

Error quoting Printer not supporting occures and the kundli details do not open.
Created On : Jul 30, 2022 by Sunil Kumar Sharma
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Whenever i enter a New Birth data and save it, an Error quoting "Printer not supporting" occures and the kundli details do not open, however it saves the Birth data. Once after closing and again opening it works ,

Windows-10 Installation
Created On : Jul 30, 2022 by Manish Kumar
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Dear Team,

It seems I am not able to install it on my Windows-10.

Could you please help me...


Manish Kumar

3 days yet not recieved activation key
Created On : Jun 15, 2022 by Vani Sahi
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it's been 3 days and after contacting 3 times and 1 email... yet the activation key was not sent... it's been more than 3 days yet it seems the support is in slumber.

Created On : May 03, 2022 by chaman
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serial key not configured
Created On : Apr 14, 2022 by s v satyanarayana
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serial key not configured

Compatibility with Windows11
Created On : Nov 23, 2021 by Sunil Kumar Sharma
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Are both softwares viz Kundli Chakra 2019 Standard and Vivah sutram are compatible with New Windows11, as I am offered upgrade to Windows11.