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Posted On :  May 05, 2021 03:34   by Praveen
Are these Astrology and Horoscope Sites are Legit?

Hello, ii just searched on the web about best resources for astrology and horoscope and complied these place, what do you think abbout them please let me know.

Free Astrology Horoscope 

Re : May 13, 2021 02:08   by K$hitiz

you have many options.. but best one which work on research based work...

first one is itself

for consultation

for stock market and financial astrology:


Re : February 05, 2022 06:24   by iancarson

Astrology is the best thing which i learned.

Re : March 03, 2022 23:22   by CollinsDavidson

There are many different types of horoscopes that cover a wide range of personality types. If you pay attention to a sign description, you will see that every sign tells us who we are, no matter when we were born. Astrology will sound right only if you know your own horoscope, not if you just read about everyone else's. If you are looking for Daily Astrological, Numerology, Pediatric Ophthalmologist, Tarot Card Reading, and Fortune Teller in the form of Astrogurutips, then this is the best place to go to learn more.

Re : August 16, 2022 23:01   by finnhilton

I don't think sites are legit

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